Catching up again

Last week was one of those weeks, and I've really missed being able to just sit down and blog for a few minutes here and there! It's not so much that we had so many places to go and so many things to was a pretty routine week. I think it's more that we were all just dragging last week. We were out of town three weekends in a row, our MDO mornings for the past three weeks were all early as opposed to having every other MDO morning being a bit later, and we were exposed to a lot of social situations that required more energy than we were accustomed to expending. I think we spent last week just recovering from the month! We're looking forward to April as our calendar is much emptier!

Steven is continuing to "sound out" his words, and it is definitely obvious that it's not just mimicry. This morning he saw our "egg plants" sitting on the end of the table to catch some sunlight. They are little ceramic eggs with seeds planted inside of them. You crack the top of the egg, water the seed, and watch it grow. Steven pointed to them and said, "e-e-e egg!"

The girls are very excited because we will be starting a book about George Muller in school this week. I'm not sure I'm so excited - it's not going to be an easy book for me! If you've never heard the story of George Muller, you should look him up. He was a phenomenal man who trusted the Lord in every teeny tiny detail - and every huge detail - of his life. He built orphanages and ministered to orphans during a time in England when orphans were left on the streets to fend for themselves or die. He never asked a single person for funds or provisions - only prayed that the Lord would provide. And provide He did! I'm praying that I will be very open to the teaching of the Lord as I read this book, and that He'll use it to teach our girls NOW to trust Him explicitly - a lesson that gets harder to learn the older we grow!

Thursday, April 10, we will be having our annual musical program at MDO. This year the kids are singing the Word of God - Scripture put to music. It is amazing how He has already blessed our rehearsals and preparation for this program. Please pray that He'll continue to bless it and that parents who don't know Him might be impacted by the message. Angela will be in the program, and she knows all of her songs and the related Scriptures and their references. What a treasure. Olivia's too old this year, but she will be on hand to help hand out programs - and she's learning the songs from Angela! I love the way those two quote Scripture. Oh that they can maintain that and that I will be diligent in the same thing!

I didn't take pictures last week. There have been a few times I wish I had the camera out, but didn't. I'll have more this week...


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