So Different!

I have realized something as I've been teaching Olivia. She's just not like me! In praying about how to work with those differences, I found a book about learning styles. Now, I don't want to stick any of us in any category, but I felt that maybe this would help me have a little bit of insight into how to take my extreme left-brained perfectionist and schedule-oriented disposition and allow it to work better with a right-brained artistic free spirit who hates the restriction of time and schedules! WOW! We both have started the learning style assessment, and already I can see that she and I are on the opposite ends of the spectrum in several areas. I really always thought that Angela would be the most challenging to teach, but I'm discovering that I might have been wrong on that one. Olivia might need the very things that I find a waste of time! She might need the games and the creative teaching methods - the things that drive me nuts. I want to just learn something, and the games distract from the task.

So, please pray with us as we learn and grow together. Pray that the Lord will give Doug and I great ideas to really minister to a child who thinks very differently from her parents. Pray that we can get excited about creative teaching instead of being frustrated by those things. And, pray that we know when to allow creativity and when to remind her that sometimes she does still need to fit into the schedule and structure of our family and the world around us!

Time to move on to math and science. Let's see what game we can play to get through those pesky flashcards!


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