Greece & Persia

Okay, I know I've posted twice today already, but I just had to post one more time. Have I mentioned before that I love homeschooling? Well, here's just one of the reasons...

We've been doing Sonlight's Core 1 this year with both girls, and it focuses on ancient history - pretty much history as it coincides with the time frame of Scripture. I think I've mentioned that we have learned about Greece and Persia, and about how huge Persia desperately wanted to conquer little, divided Greece to complete the Persian Empire's control over the known world. But, little bitty Athens managed to defend itself from huge Persia and her huge army on more than one occasion!

Meanwhile, this afternoon I had a dr's appointment and I had to take all three kids. They were phenomenal while we were there, and I was so proud of them! I decided to give them a special treat, so I stopped by Wendy's for Jr. Frosties. As the girls ate their Frosties, they were discussing the consistency of the cold treat. The small amount of melted Frosty around the edge of the cup was little bitty Greece. The rest of the Frosty was huge Persia! "Persia" kept decreasing, but good ole "Greece" never did shrink (well, until the last bit of Frosty was gulped down!). "Greece" managed to survive until after "Persia" was totally gone. I just laughed and laughed. I just love this! I can't imagine doing anything else with my little ones!


RevOfc178 said…
I know EXACTLY how you feel!!! There is such deep internal joy at hearing that our children have internalized our teaching - That it has become a part of them. I imagine our heavenly father feels that even more so when the same can be said about us!
- Glad yall had such a good weekend! Its so fun to get away, even with a purpose!
- Cyndy

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