I can't lie - I absolutely love homeschooling! Do I always feel like doing it? No! Is it worth it? Without a doubt!

Here are the girls after going through our science study of the five senses. They have workbook questions that follow most of their readings - here they are doing them together on the couch. Olivia does all of the reading, and together they come up with the answers. Then either Olivia writes, or they take turns gluing and sticking answers in the appropriate location. (Sometimes Mommy will write for them as they verbalize, just to give Olivia a break from writing!) One of the ways Olivia cements what she learns is to verbalize it, and talking through it with Angela is just the ticket to solidify these lessons. I can't tell you how good it feels for this Momma to watch her girls working and learning together, grasping these concepts, and having fun doing it! It's a priceless gift. Thank you, Lord!


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