I took a few pictures of the girls on Sunday, so I thought I'd post them.
Olivia was so proud to be able to wear this dress. It was passed down to her by a sweet friend from our church in Joiner, and Olivia has been so excited about getting to wear it. Now that spring has sprung, she had her chance! She looked precious, but I'm not biased.

Angie looked adorable, too. She picked a sweet little dress that made her look like such a "little" girl - something Mommy and Daddy need every now and then! She looks like a big girl so often!

Then there's Steven...

When we got home from the park yesterday, they needed baths just to cool off enough to eat! As I was dressing Steven after his bath, he got ahold of two pacifiers from his bed and stuffed them both in his mouth at one time. This was a big deal because Steven is VERY insistent that his pacis be in his mouth precisely right, and he doesn't play with them! So, this was quite the funny and rare moment. You can tell he's having fun with it!


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