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Well, winter is breathing its last this week! We had just found brand new peaches on our trees, so we did not welcome the news of another late freeze. The late freeze last year killed the two or three baby peaches we had. This year we tried covering the trees to protect them, but it will probably be a few days before we know if it did any good. We won't have many peaches, I'm sure, because the trees are still very young. But, it would be fun to have a few!

The cold Sunday gave the girls great delight, though, as they proudly wore the shawls Nanny had made for them. The shawls received quite a few complements at church, which delighted the girls even more.

A few things have been running through my mind as I sat down to create this post, so I thought I'd go ahead and share them with you. I know there are several prayer warriors out there who have been covering us in prayer, and this will just give you a nutshell idea of where we are right now.

Keep praying for Doug and I as we actively work to roll that anxiety off our shoulders and surrender it to the Lord. The visible provision to meet all of our financial obligations will last through May, and it's amazing how six weeks can seem like such a short length of time when you look at it from that perspective! We are truly seeking to just rest in Him. He has never let us down before, and He won't now. Of that we are confident. There are a few possibilities in front of us, including the church in Monticello, but we have not received any clear direction.

Just to let you know, we do have a For Sale sign in our front yard. It's not so much that we are actively trying to sell the house, but that we want to be open to whatever the Lord has for us. Please pray with us that if we are to sell and move that He will provide the perfect buyer.

The other desire right now is for Doug to be able to work solidly to complete his Master's degree. We are seeking a lot of direction as to whether this should be his MDiv or an MA in speech communications. He will always want to have an opportunity to preach, even if it's in an interim or pulpit supply position. But, his passion is teaching, and he would love to be a speech professor at a small university. So, our prayer is that the Lord will guide us regarding which degree he needs to seek and will provide everything needed to pursue that degree actively instead of just a few classes here and there.

So, that's it! That's what's been rolling around in my mind this morning. Let us know how we can pray for each of you, and thank you for your love and support of us!


Anonymous said…
(o: (o: (o:

What pretty shawls! By the way, I do not claim to be GOD!!!! But if HE lets ME have a vote - I vote for the MA in Speech Communications. Who needs an MA in religion - when you got the Bible!


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