Of Teeth and Hearts

Ah, we are experiencing the wonderful adventure of waiting for teeth to come in! Poor Steven typically goes through several weeks of the final stages of teething, with those little teeth visibly bulging against the gums. Please pray with us that those two canines will just decide to poke on through soon! We are all ready!

On a different note...When we arrived at MDO yesterday, Angela shared that she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart! I'm not sure what motivated the statement - I don't know what she and Olivia were discussing as we pulled into the parking lot. I asked Angie if she knew what that meant and she said no. So, we talked a bit about it as we walked into the building, and she seemed to show indication that she was beginning to process it all. I absolutely love watching the spiritual awakening in children - those moments when they begin to sense that there is more to their spiritual being than just the idea of going to church, singing "Jesus Loves Me" and living in a home where Christian principles are taught and lived.

Not to leave Olivia out! We are still progressing nicely in school. I'm learning ways to be a little more flexible in meeting her learning style needs, which are so very different from mine. As I become more flexible, though, she enjoys it even more - as if she didn't enjoy it before! Her reading is exploding. We've taken a break from her second grade readers because she was moving through them so quickly. Between her library books, her school books, and the books from our shelves she wants to read, she was finding herself without opportunity to read Little House in the Big Woods. (So unlike her Mommy who sticks to one book at a time!) So, she was thrilled at the idea of putting aside second grade books for a week or two while she finishes Little House in school. She greatly prefers reading silently to reading aloud - one area she is like her Mommy! So, we're working on improving those read-aloud skills, and we've discussed the myriad of reasons for developing those skills.

Speaking of school - time to get back to it. Science is calling!


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