On the sidebar of the blog, I have listed several ministries we support via prayer and giving. One of those is an organization called Shevet Achim. They bring Arab children to Israel for life-saving heart surgeries that they cannot get in their own countries (primarily Gaza and Iraq). They also freely share the love of Christ with these children and their families. When I first read about Kucher, I was incredibly drawn to her. I could not get her gorgeous face out of my head. Her case was practically hopeless - she'd suffered from her illness for so long that the doctors weren't even sure at first they could help her. Her story, though, is one that shows the power of prayer - read it and let your faith be reminded of how our amazing God IS the Great Physician.

We pray for these children and this ministry regularly. Sometimes tears just flow with heartbreak and other times with joy. If you ever wonder if the fighting in Iraq has really done any good, just read some of the Shevet Achim stories and see how God is taking the sacrifice of so many and turning it into the opportunity for these children to have life!


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