Okay, here's the update on our situation in a nutshell...

1) We heard from Monticello last night. They are still undecided and want to hear Doug yet again. We are not totally at ease with that, but after talking to one of the search committee members in a little more depth, Doug agreed to one more visit. We will be going May 25, combining it with a weekend visit to Doug's parents in Monroe, LA (about two hours from Monticello). Please pray that the Lord will really make clear to them who they need to call to be their pastor, whether it's us or not.

2) Doug has applications out for several secular jobs. We have not really heard back from anything except some insurance sales jobs. Doug is NOT a salesman, so this would really have to be clearly directed from the Lord. Working a secular job would allow us to continue fellowshipping with the church where we have begun to establish ourselves here in our area. Or it would allow us to work with a church in Olive Branch - a small struggling church with an aging pastor. All parties are praying about Doug stepping alongside this church to help its growth. It would be a position requiring income to be provided from another source.

3) There are a few other church options. Doug has resumes out in multiple states with various associations and state conventions. He also has some resumes out with specific churches. A friend of my mom's has contacted Doug about a position at her church; a lady at our current church has given Doug's contact information to the church she attended for years and years; a church in central MS had Doug come preach for them and talk to them just last night about the possibility of moving down there.

Those are the options we are aware of, and that's where we stand. Everything just seems very iffy right now from our perspective, and deadlines are looming. But, God's never late. We constantly remind ourselves of that face. GOD IS NEVER LATE! Praise the Lord! Just pray that we will have the peace and trust to hang on through the length of time where it seems like God is late. Any of you who have been through uncertain times know that stretch of time always seems to exist, but He always proves Himself in the end! He is so good to us!


Choate Family said…
How did I miss that you had a blog?!? So glad we can keep up better with your crew now. Still praying for God's wisdom for you and Doug concerning jobs.
Anonymous said…
thanks for the update! you are right - God will reveal the perfect place in His perfect time. We love you guys and are wishing you the best!
And I am MUCH better, by the way - FINALLY!
Talk to you soon,

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