I think I shared with you - but I can't find it so I'm not sure - about Olivia's after-care class at MDO dwindling. She is now one of only two girls, and that girl only comes one day a week. Olivia is so social, but she just hasn't had much in the way of social interaction lately. We've really been praying about that.

Well, God is answering! There is a little girl named Katie whose parents Doug and I are getting close to. She is six and homeschooled, and she and Olivia hit it off almost immediately. They have sat together at church, and Katie came over this morning to spend some time playing with the girls while Mom and little brother went to the dr. God always provides! I meant to take pictures while they were playing, but it didn't happen this time. I'm sure I'll get a picture soon of Olivia and her new friend (and Angie's too!).


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