Jordanian Dress

Yesterday we got to meet Dad in Little Rock for lunch. He's in the States for a brief visit, and we were all in Little Rock at the same time - him to pick Allison up from the airport (returning from a Christmas visit to Jordan) and us to make a Sam's run. It was such fun to see him

As we were leaving, he handed us our Christmas gifts from him and Mom. The kids' gifts were traditional Jordanian outfits! The girls also have little hand mirrors and Steven has a camel, so those are scattered through the pictures.

Do you think it's possible he liked his camel?


too cute! we loved these pics!!!
Anonymous said…
How cool is that! :) They do look so sweet - Steven looks like a "little man"!! Love you guys and miss you like crazy!
Tech Daddy said…
You have so adorable children. I'm glad we (Stephanie and I) were able to reconnect with you after all these years.
Choate Family said…
It would be easy to send you some traditional clothes from the Solomons for your kids - the package would be very light!

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