Week of 1-19-09

We had a really good school week last week. In honor of closing out our studies of the Middle Ages, we created our own coat of arms. It's not quite done - still needs a little color - but when it is, I'll scan it so you can see it. We also celebrated National Hat Day on Thursday. We didn't have a chance to make silly hats like I'd planned, so we just each picked out a baseball cap.

This week looks like fun as well. I'll be working on colors and shapes with Steven using our fun lace-up cards. We will continue our study of explorers for history, and for geography/missions we will finish up a section on Southeast Asia and then flow into South America. In science we will be looking at climate and weather, and will hopefully be setting up a bit of a weather station at some point. We'll get to measure wind, rainfall, and temperature.

Doug and I remembered this week that our School House Rock collection has songs covering the multiplication tables! That will be perfect for Olivia as she begins to work on her multiplication tables! She doesn't know yet what's coming - I love getting to surprise her with fun ways to learn! She'll also be finishing her Little House book this week and starting McBroom's Wonderful One-Acre Farm by Sid Fleischman.

Angela is going to have a bit of a change starting this week. We were planning out next year's curriculum over the weekend so we would know how much money we need to set back over the coming months to be prepared to place our school order this summer. I realized that in order to keep up with her reading, I'm going to need to be a little more aggressive this year with some language arts concepts to have her truly prepared for the language arts she'll need to do next year. I think she's ready - she's already grown bored with the things I'd planned for her, so this should excite her. She'll be starting a spelling list (since she already spells some of Olivia's words for her!), and we'll be beginning to stretch her brain to prepare for creative writing challenges. That will stretch my brain, too! I really, really don't like creative writing exercises! This week Angie will be finishing Three By the Sea, reading A Big Ball of String, and then will read a bit about spiders! Ooh!

We have a few celebrations planned this week, too! Today we will be celebrating National Popcorn Day. On Thursday we'll enjoy National Clashing Day and Polka Dot Day simultaneously. That should be interesting! And, on Friday I'm sure we will greatly enjoy National Pie Day. Who knows what other celebrations we will find to fill our week! Stay tuned for pictures...


Choate Family said…
It's so fun to celebrate crazy days with you from across the ocean!
Stephanie Kay said…
Do you use a set curriculum, make it up as you go, or use a hodgepodge of stuff?

Where did you find out about all the National Day of ...?
Stephanie Kay said…
Duh! You answered a lot of my questions in a previous post. Sorry. Obviously I'm a little behind on my Reader!

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