You know, so many times we try to make sure we bring things down to the level of our children when we are trying to teach them. But they can often learn so much more than we give them credit for! Their brains are like sponges that soak up so much information. Steven showed this to be true the other day. I started reading one of his favorite books to him, and he "read" it right along with me. It has become a game - either I start and he finishes or vice versa. Today he wanted to read for the camera before naptime, so I took care of that!

I know he might be a bit hard to understand for those of you not used to listening to him, so here is the "translation."
Boris the Bi-plane knows how to loop the loop. If you look above your head, you'll see him dive and swoop.
Julie the Jumbo Jet is the largest plane around. She can fly a long, long way and never touch the ground.
Steven the Stunt Plane darts around the sky. He can do all kinds of tricks others never try. (appropriate, huh?)
Holly the Helicopter buzzes through the air. When she wants to come back down, she lands anywhere!
Harry the Hot Air Balloon drifts through the sky. Wherever winds blow him, he will happily fly.


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