Week in Review

Well, I intended to blog several times this week, but the week didn't quite go as I expected! That wasn't a bad thing, just one of those things! We still had a great week.

On Tuesday we had the chance to go to the office to help Doug catalog his office library. The girls diligently did independent work, showing that every now and then they can easily handle an independent day of school! We missed only science and history, and those can be easily caught up without missing a day. That was quite the pleasant discovery for those occasional times when such things are necessary. Don't worry, though - I enjoy homeschooling too much to make that a habit!

On Thursday we had the chance to get outside with the weather station Grandma and PopPop gave Olivia for Christmas. We are going to be looking at weather and maintaining a weather journal for a while, so this little contraption will be quite useful.

We didn't quite get started on colors and shapes with Steven this week, but instead pulled out his counting cards. Each one has a certain number of objects and then a number to go with it. He is doing a great job of learning to slow down and touch each object each time he says a number. He still needs some coaching, but he's doing well!
Olivia celebrated National Clashing Day quite well (none of us had polka dots, amazingly enough, and we didn't get any made). Her green shirt has purple flowers, which clashed nicely with her red and dark purple striped pants!
And, we can't leave out the cat! Little Mina was quite studious this week as well, as is obvious from this picture!
And, finally, any report of the week wouldn't be complete without sharing the girls' new hairdos! Angela is enjoying the fact that her hair is finally long. She asked me the other day to try to put a bun in her hair. She was very proud of her first bun, small though it was. Amazingly, it stayed in all day! Olivia decided that she wanted to try a clippie like Mommy's, and her hair is just long enough for it. It has become her favorite hairstyle, for the time being!


Choate Family said…
You even homeschool the pets! Wow, you ARE supermom :)
Anonymous said…
Does this mean I need to teach our dog how to read?!? Maybe you can send me some tips. ;D

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