My Shadow

The girls were supposed to spend six weeks preparing a poem to share. I selected several lengthy poems, presented them to the girls, and asked them to pick one for memorization. They each picked a different poem, leading us to need to find a diplomatic way to choose one of them. So, we ended up choosing "My Shadow" by Robert Louis Stevenson. They learned the poem in two weeks! We spent this past week brushing up on the poem for presentation and decided we had plenty of time to learn the second poem as well.

They weren't quite as flawless on camera as they had been in practice, but that's typical. I was still very proud of them as they learned to interact with the poem. Here are their performances! (If you are receiving this as an email, you will probably have to actually click on "view article" to play the videos on the blog page.)


Anonymous said…
oH my gOODnESS!!!! i HAVE thE moST ADORable ANd smarTEST gRANDchilDREn IN thE WORld. tHEY are all awESOME!

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