Week of 1-26-09

This coming week we aren't seeing much change in our study topics - we are continuing with the study of explorers and some earth science. Angie gets to read some princess books this week, so I'm sure she won't be the least bit excited about that! Olivia didn't quite get started reading about McBroom last week as intended, but she'll read the whole book this week. And, we will be finishing up Cricket in Times Square, which the girls are absolutely loving. Olivia will continue with her multiplication learning, utilizing all sorts of new games and activities that we're finding. Angela made a perfect score on her first spelling test on Friday, so we will be learning a new list this week while continuing to make sure she can spell those phonics blends.

Tuesday is a holiday that our family has been saving up for and greatly anticipating - National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day! Yes, there really is such a day! We don't have a whole lot of bubble wrap, but we've saved up enough that there should be a great deal of popping and giggling going on around the Hibbard household come Tuesday. We'll need to be sure to schedule our celebrations in a timely fashion to ensure Daddy's enjoyment as well.

Thursday we will celebrate another family favorite - National Puzzle Day. The girls have been gradually increasing their puzzle skills, and they might be about ready to graduate past the children's 100-piece puzzles this year. Who knows what creation we might all become addicted to completing come Thursday - and, of course, we'll have to explore other puzzling activitites for the day.

So now here I go...off to make copies of activities and resources to put in the big binder. Ah, learning is such fun, and I can't express what a blessing it is to be a part of my children's learning process. I love it!


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