Things That Warm the Heart

You know, there are times when some of the things we do as a family seem to be drudgery. Some days I wonder why we work so hard to preserve and accomplish certain things. There are days when undergoing the challenge of keeping Hibbard Elementary going seems overwhelming, discouraging, and tiring. Then there are days like today...

Angie put a sticker on her daddy's birthday card. The sticker said, "I love school." I commented on it and she answered, "I put it on there because I like school. I love it very, very much!" This was followed by Olivia including her opinion, "I like it too!" At a time when in England they are no longer calling schools by that name because they don't want children to think negatively about the place they go to learn, it's exciting to know that my children actually like school (except for copywork, according to Olivia!) and have a very positive attitude toward school. Now that makes it all worthwhile!


Stephanie Kay said…
That is exciting. Funny. Will likes writing or copywork the most.

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