Pops and Puzzles

(This was supposed to post yesterday, but there were technical difficulties with the video. So, you get two today...the next post should come in about an hour or so.)
Tuesday was National Bubble Wrap Day, but Olivia and I didn't feel well. So, after 30 minutes of school, the two of us ended up curled up asleep on the couch, and we missed celebrating! Wednesday was a little crazy, but Thursday we finally were able to pull out all of that stored up bubble wrap and set into playing!

Here are the kids popping their bubble wrap - they had lots of fun!

It was also National Puzzle Day. We pulled out an unopened 100-piece puzzle while Steven was up, and the kids and I put that together. We also pulled out a 550-piece puzzle for a little extra challenge for the girls...it's Raptors of America, with little factoids about each bird. Although we didn't get that started, it will definitely be an activity for this weekend!


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