Trip to Jud

Yesterday we were able to go to Judsonia to have one more day with Dad before his return to Jordan. It also just happened to be his birthday! It was a fun visit and good trip, and, as always, we have lots of pictures. We only wish Nanny could have been there, too! We missed you, Mom!

Almost as tall as Grandma Polly!

A chance to get a snapshot of the family.
Papaw and the grandkids.
Grandpa Russell and the grandkids. Doesn't he look proud?
Grandma Polly and the grandkids - she was happy to feel so much better with her pacemaker, and was able to enjoy the kids more this time around.
The girls will find a way to dress up wherever they go! They go off to a closet and play like crazy every time we visit the grandparents.
I think playtime on the floor is Grandma and Steven's favorite time of each of our visits. Steven knows just where to go for his box of toys, and Grandma gets right down there with him. Yesterday Steven had a great time lining up all of the cars and little cowboy and Indian figures.

Papaw and Steven hit it off quite well - as can also be seen in the video at the end of the post.
The kids helped Grandma Polly put candles on Papaw's cake.
Okay, so we didn't quite have a candle for every year, but he still blew them all out!The sound on this video wasn't great for some reason, but it was too cute to not share - and I think even with muffled sound you can see how much fun Steven had with Papaw! Steven is cackling over it even now!


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