Christmas in Jud

So, let’s see…what have we missed?

We’ll start with all of our Christmas celebrations, and then I’ll come back to all of our Christmas creating. It might take a few posts to get it all in!

On Friday, we headed to Judsonia for the Browning Christmas Jud2celebration. We had a delightful day of visiting, opening gifts, mansaf (and soup for those who don’t like the mansaf), and, more visiting. Meanwhile, Grandma isn’t up to decorating for Christmas anymore and really doesn’t miss it. But, Grandpa does miss it. He especially misses getting a live tree. So, Mom and Dad got him a live tree, and each of us contributed ornaments to it. I think he liked it!


Oh, and of course, there was the obligatory picking on Aunt Alli. Uncle Tim gladly helped. It’s tough being the baby of the family!


I had more pictures, but they don’t seem to have all uploaded from the camera. So, we’ll just stick with these! Another good Browning visit and sweet Christmas celebration!


Choate Family said…
I'm SO thankful your kids get to build relationships with their great-grandparents! What a gift!!!

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