Giveaways and New Releases!

Yes, two posts for today!!

I have mentioned that I’m involved in some of the new things Home Educating Family is launching. Well, today is a pretty big day for us, and you can benefit!

Not a homeschool family? I would encourage you to check all of this out anyway. While homeschoolers are the primary targeted audience for the magazine, Facebook page, and site, there is so much to encourage, benefit, and challenge any family devoted to raising their children and grandchildren in a godly manner, regardless of their schooling choice. I love reading the articles, posts, and reviews not because I need, agree with, or stand behind every single thing I read, but because I am challenged to think outside of the little box “my” world often gets squeezed into.

So, what’s up today? Three major things:

1) 6,000 follower giveaway. In celebration of reaching 6,000 Facebook fans, five winners will receive a subscription to the newly expanded Home Educating Family Magazine, and five other winners will receive various planners.

Enter the Facebook Giveaway here!

2) The official release of the review site! has been in beta testing for a couple of months now. But, today marks the official, full-scale launch, including giveaways! Each week new reviews are posted, and giveaways and/or discounts will accompany many of the reviews when they are introduced.

See my review of the game Albert’s Insomnia and enter the giveaway here!

3) And last, but not least, a brand new portion of has been launched today – the blog site! The blog will feature a wide variety of authors and topics, including “Audience Soapbox” where your responses become the column! I have been reading through many of these blog posts over the past week or so, and I can again say that many of them go far beyond homeschooling.

Check out the new blog here.


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