The Girls’ Last Craft

I just realized I never did post what the girls worked together to make for Steven for Christmas!

A couple of months before Christmas as Steven was consistently borrowing their lap desks, the girls decided that’s what they wanted to get him. Then we got this wild idea to try to make one for him. And, I must say that of all of the projects we tackled this Christmas, this one was by far my favorite. It worked exactly as we planned, first try! I was amazed!

First, we made and stuffed the cushion. On top of the cushion we stuck two long strips of Velcro.


Doug found two hard, solid dry-erase boards. On one side each had lines for writing, and the other side was blank. So, we stuck corresponding strips of Velcro on each of the boards, one set on the lined side and one on the blank side. That way Steven would have interchangeable surfaces.


Finally, the girls decorated the surface of the dry-erase boards with stickers.


Angela decorated the blank one with fire trucks, and Olivia used sports stickers on the lined one. Both of them used letter stickers to put his name at the top of the boards. Oh, and each board has a little strap at the top to hold a dry-erase marker.


We were all proud of that project!


jcooper said…
Great job girls, that is so neat!

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