We’ve been hearing a lot of that over the past few days.

Typically when we least expect it.

It’s coming from our little Steven cub. He has adopted the habit of hiding around a corner when he knows someone is coming. Then, he jumps out and roars.

Yesterday he got Olivia. It was hilarious! I had given her the book she was supposed to be reading to Steven. We thought he’d gone on to his room and was waiting for her. But no, he wasn’t in his room. Their hall makes a 90 degree turn right before his room, and he was waiting right past the turn. She had no idea. He jumped out and roared at her at the most opportune moment. She screamed and claims she jumped nine feet. Angela and I heard the roar and the scream from the school room and just about died laughing!

He got her again today. One of these days, she’ll learn.

But, she’s not the only one who needs to learn. He got ME today, too!

Our dining room and school room make a U shape, with the foyer at the base of the U. It was time for me to go over Steven’s school work with him, so I was headed to the school room. I was coming from my bedroom, through the kitchen and dining room, and I called his name as I was walking through the dining room. No answer. Complete silence. I should’ve known then. Yep, he was waiting in the foyer and jumped out at me as soon as I rounded the corner…

It’s really quite funny…especially when it happens to Olivia!


Stephanie Kay said…
Aren't boys fun?! They keep us on our toes. LOL
Kristy said…
This made me smile! =)

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