Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Outside my window...clouds covering what we thought was going to be a clear blue sky for the day; a dozen or so mosquitoes hovering around and bumping against the window.

I am thinking...about a discussion Doug and I had yesterday. It is one thing to be saved from bad actions, learning that certain behaviors are destructive to us and that salvation through the blood of Jesus can save us from those things. But, that’s not the end. There is also being saved to a growing relationship with Christ. Both are essential, but so many Christians stop after the first part and never pursue the second. Oh how I hunger to see that change!

I am thankful for...a very relaxing weekend in the midst of several busy ones; friends who come to visit (a friend from Memphis came and spent the weekend with us); flexible days, and spontaneous fun (we decided on the spur of the moment to head to the Memphis Zoo yesterday); life in a small town.

I am long sleeve top that might get too warm today; black leggings

I am creating...not really anything. Hopefully soon my creative juices will start flowing again.

I am in the Memphis area. Other than very dear friends and the zoo, nothing remains that attaches us to Memphis. That is a very freeing thought. I didn’t like living there, and although yesterday’s trip was a good one, I am so thankful to not live there anymore. So thankful.

I am get a lot of writing done this morning. I hope.

I am reading...Then Sings My Soul, Book 3 by Robert Morgan. Definitely a book worth having, even if you already have the first and/or second book(s). I think this last one in the series is by far the best of them all! Review coming Thursday on

I am hoping...still…for a cold snap to help reduce this mosquito and buffalo gnat population.

I am hearing...the whir of the computer, the scratch of Olivia’s pencil on her paper as she works on language arts, Steven whispering in the book corner as he reads to himself, the tap of my keyboard.

On my mind...prayer needs.

From the learning rooms...not entirely sure for this week. I didn’t have my “preview day” yesterday, so I’ll be working on that this afternoon. I know there will be more astronomy, and rural Arkansas is such an awesome place to take the book learning and then apply it to study of the sky. So few lights, such flat land, and so much visible in the night sky! It’s breath-taking! A telescope is definitely on our list…

Noticing that...I have gotten to see a lot of the pains of teaching and training pay off lately. Steven is showing signs of becoming such a gentleman, Olivia is taking initiative and doing things that she would have left undone before, and Angela is conquering many of the things we’ve repeatedly battled over the years. The fruit is worth the fight, my friends. Without a doubt!

Pondering these words... “I’m not like other people! I don’t like pain! It hurts me!” ~ spoken by both Daffy Duck and Frank Burns. (Just in case you needed proof of how light and fluffy my ponderings can be sometimes!)

From the kitchen...leftovers. Exciting, I know.

Around the house...a few projects that need to be finished. We moved the computer last weekend, but haven’t quite finished moving the “extras” that had piled up on the desk.

One of my favorite things...spontaneity and flexibility.

A few plans for the rest of the week...typical week, then birthday celebrations on Saturday.

A picture worth sharing...PopPop gave Steven this patch from his own flight jacket. Steven is wearing PopPop’s name proudly!



Oh wow... mosquitos in January? Doesn't seem possible!

Your zoo trip sounds fun. I feel similarly about Seattle... fun to visit, glad I don't live there!

So glad you're seeing fruit with the kids. Seems to come (and go) in waves, so hold on to the encouragement!

Julie, we are definitely not happy about mosquitoes in January! We have had such a mild winter that they're just not dying! :-(

I'm determined to catch up with you this week! I've missed reading about the Grasshopper adventures lately!

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