Olivia’s Creations

And now for Olivia’s project. Like her gift from Angie, Olivia’s gift to her sister was also inspired by Angela’s birthday. Olivia made Angela a sock doll for her birthday, but we only made one dress for the doll. Olivia decided shortly after Angie’s birthday that Ella needed more clothes! So, that’s what she decided to make.

We talked about the designs she wanted to make, and then I made her a pattern that would work for all of them. I handed her the patterns and her chosen material, gave her some instructions, and sent her off to complete step one.

I did help her with some of the more contrary seams, since some doll clothes seams are just so tiny and can be hard to work with. But, she did most of the work herself! That was so nice! I could sit at the computer and write while she sewed, stopped to give her instructions along the way or help her as she needed it.


Her first finished piece was the Hello Kitty gown.


Then she moved on to the remaining two. She wanted one dress to have sleeves, and I resisted so strongly. I hate making normal sized sleeves, but doll sleeves are just awful! But, God uses little things like this to teach me, and this was no exception. That story can be found by clicking here to go to my other blog!


Here’s her finished project! Three new outfits for Ella! Angela loved them! And, those Razorback pj’s that Olivia was wearing a couple of pictures up? She outgrew them, so now Angela has them. So, she and Ella can wear matches pj’s. Awwww!



I'm full of admiration for 1) your kids' skills, and 2) your patience and efforts to teach them to do these things!

Go, Hibbards!

Thanks, Julie. The impatience is there - I just don't put it on the blog! :-) But, I am proud of my kids for learning well.
Stephanie Kay said…
Love the matching Razorbacks pjs. So fun!!

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