Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Outside my window...the rain we’ve been expecting all day. It just hit all of the sudden and is coming down pretty hard. (It didn’t last long – 20 minutes later it has already stopped.)

I am thinking...that some days I have more patience than others. Today’s not a day of total impatience, but it’s not my best day either.

I am thankful for...the below freezing nights that are in the forecast. Hoping they will help reduce the ranks of bugs that are thriving thanks to the mild winter we’re having.

I am wearing...long green top and black leggings.

I am creating...a skirt for Olivia, a Mary Kay order, and a list of things that need to go on our spring school order.

I am remembering...last January’s cold. I  miss it!

I am going…to find time to read for fun soon. Very soon.

I am reading...nothing right now, although I need to read the Sierra Jensen collection that I’m supposed to review next week. Maybe I should just let Olivia read and review it for me since I agreed to the review specifically so I could add a few more books to her Kindle library!

I am hoping...the week continues in the calm, quiet fashion in which it has started – maybe increasing the productivity just a bit so as to be able to really enjoy this weekend.

I am hearing...the hum of the computer, the squeaking of my chair, and the rain hitting the roof.

On my mind...the to-do list. Hmmmm…that seems to be front and center a lot lately. I don’t like that. Things need to get done, but there’s more to life than that. Looks like a refocus just might be necessary!

From the learning rooms...Communism, Martin Luther King, Jr., finishing our microscope book, starting a unit on astronomy and space.

Noticing that...January is moving a lot slower than October through December did. I like that.

From the kitchen...leftovers; although they seemed to make a nice, fresh meal. I like it when leftovers do that.

Around the house...books. Lots of books. I think it’s time to sort through them again, especially Steven’s. Now that he can really read, he’s outgrown a good number of his preschool books. Sniff, sniff.

One of my favorite things...expanding minds and a love of learning.

A few plans for the rest of the week...routine: school, church, Bible study, etc. And we get to finish it off by celebrating my wonderful hubby’s birthday this weekend.

A picture worth sharing...I was taking Christmas pictures of my girls after church one Sunday morning, and Jada, one of our preschoolers, wanted to get in the shot. It was a quick snap because it wasn’t really the focus of my attention at the time, but it turned out so cute!!



Stephanie Kay said…
That picture is so cute! Love their matching dresses.
Thanks! This is the third Christmas for those dresses - and the last year Olivia will be able to wear hers. Makes me a little sad because I have LOVED them in those dresses every year!

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