Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, January 2, 2012

Outside my…I just realized I’ve not yet opened the shades. Ah, there’s the sunshine! It’s a crisp, chilly morning with a rather biting wind.

I am thinking...about some upcoming projects and just how I want to approach them.

I am thankful for...a voice. Mine was fading fast first thing yesterday morning. I made it through teaching preschool Sunday school – barely – but it disappeared completely after that. It finally started coming back about bed time last night. My throat is still sore today, but I have a voice! YAY!

I am sweatpants and a gray top. Definitely stay-at-home attire.

I am environment suitable for a return to non-Christmas creating. My sewing area is still pure chaos! AUGH!

I am remembering...things that need to go on my to-do list.

I am enjoy getting back into routine.

I am reading...nothing beyond school books. How sad. Hoping to get to one of my new Tricia Goyer novels some time this week, just for a little fun, relaxing reading.

I am hoping...our return to a full school schedule runs smoothly.

I am playing calmly in the living room. Legos, I’m sure. They got new sets for Christmas. Big hit!

On my “baby” brother who turns 27 and starts a new job today.

From the learning rooms...I have no idea. After two weeks off, I’m not sure where we are, other than that we did finish World War II. Preparing for this week is on this afternoon’s agenda.

Noticing that...I like routine. My family thrives on routine. Certain aspects of the discipline of routine aren’t always fun to get back to, but the results are always worth the effort!

Pondering these words...

Only those who place tomorrow in God’s hands and receive what they need to live today are truly secure. Receiving daily liberates us from tomorrow. Thought for tomorrow delivers us up to endless worry. ~Dietrich Bonhoeffer – a quote Doug shared on Twitter this morning.

From the kitchen...parmesan chicken cordon blue, one of our family’s favorites. Oh, and fitting more deer into the freezer! Doug killed two more last week. Some of it is being shared, but it looks like we’ll have plenty of deer for the coming year!

Around the house...a return to normal. As much as I love Christmas decorations, the wide open space is nice, too.

One of my favorite things...children playing happily.

A few plans for the rest of the week...back to school, starting a new book study with the ladies at church, starting to tackle a new set of tasks on the “big list” now that Christmas creating is over. (Hmmmm…maybe I could start Christmas creating for next year much earlier?!?!?)

A picture worth sharing...out for our anniversary two weeks ago.



Happy New Year!

And - wow - THREE deer?! That's a lot of venison! Time to break out the crock pot, maybe :D

Doug Hibbard said…
Yep, three. Next season, I may have to clean them myself, though. I'm not sure about that. Not sure at all...

And that picture? That's an incredibly beautiful woman to be with such a weird-looking guy. But since I'm the guy, I won't complain :)
Half of that deer is actually going to other "homes." But, there's still a LOT left! :-)

And that's not a weird-looking guy, darling hubby. He's the most handsome man in the world, thank you very much!
Choate Family said…
You two do make a good looking couple! Hope you save some of that venison for June :-)

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