Angela’s Creations

If you recall, Angela got a new dress-up dress for her birthday. Well, Olivia fell in love with the dress, too, so Angela decided she wanted to make her one for Christmas. The dress takes a TON of material (five plus yards), so I wasn’t sure if Angela would be able to afford to make it. But, we “just so happened” to run across a 5-yard bolt of pretty purple material (Olivia’s favorite color) for $5 one day (thank You, Lord!). It was pretty thin material, but I already had some lining that would go with it perfectly, and we had just enough white left from Angie’s dress to make the bodice inset. So, off we went!

Angela has not done much sewing at all before this, so she learned a lot. She learned how to read a pattern, use the iron, use a press cloth with sensitive material…CC1

…and pull up gathering to fit. That was her favorite part.


She still needed help on the machine because straight stitches will take a bit more practice. But, she did a pretty good job. The new machine was an extra special blessing with her project because the old machine didn’t do very well with lightweight material any more. We had to redo quite a few seams before the Bernina. After we switched to the new machine, operator error (primarily Mommy’s!) was our only cause for redoing anything.


And here’s the finished project!


Olivia LOVED it and wore nothing else for the first several days after our Christmas traveling was done!



Choate Family said…
Way to go, Angela! Olivia's dress is beautiful. I can hardly wait to see the next post in this series :-)
Stephanie Kay said…
Beautiful dress!! You almost make me want to pull out my sewing machine, almost.
Thank you all! We had fun, and I was so proud of her, too. She was SOOOO excited about this project!

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