Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Outside my window...a clear blue sky after our morning storms, and a brisk wind blowing in the cold front. The windows are open now to let in the spring-like air, but we’ve been told to expect a 40-degree temperature drop tonight. Ah, Arkansas weather.

I am thinking...about the snow my northwestern friends are experiencing right now. As beautiful as today’s weather is, I can’t help but want the snow! It’s January, after all!

I am thankful for...a husband who parents so naturally. He is not at all uncomfortable or uncertain when I go do things and leave the kids with him. I love watching him in his daddy role!

I am wearing...jeans, lightweight 3/4 sleeve maroon top, black ankle boots.

I am creating...a black skirt for Angela. I finished Olivia’s on Saturday.

I am much I loved open windows growing up. I don’t mind closing them in the winter, but I miss the fresh air in the summer. (Although I don’t miss enduring the August/September heat waves without air conditioning!)

I am going...nowhere until church tomorrow night. I went out to lunch with the Gleaners Sunday school class today, and now I’m home and done with my running around for the day.

I am…well…

I am hoping...writing flows very well this afternoon.

I am hearing...the wind, birds, a ticking clock. Otherwise, quiet. (Yes, the kids are fine.)

On my mind...nothing other than what I’m doing right now. I’ve grown lax in the area of mental discipline, letting my mind wander into a myriad of directions. I’m trying to retrain it to focus on one thing at a time.

From the learning rooms...Rosa Parks, astronomy, nouns, periods, and phonics blends, graphs, the metric system, place value.

Noticing that...I’m in the middle of a rather extraordinarily peaceful moment.

From the kitchen...nothing right now. Doug treated the kids to lunch out while I was out with the ladies. I probably do need to get some bread made, though, since we’re out.

Around the windows. In January. Winter? We don’t know what that is this year.

One of my favorite things...winter.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Doug has a meeting tonight, then it’s church tomorrow night, book study Thursday night, and a baby shower Saturday morning followed by a wedding Saturday afternoon. Then Monday and Tuesday Doug and I are off to an evangelism conference.

A picture worth sharing...Lego men galore…I think Steven said they were watching some kind of show. I am thankful for my children’s imagination, but I don’t even pretend to try to understand it!

Lego Men


I love the Lego men! And you said it just right about admiring their imaginations without fully understanding... boy do I feel like that too!


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