This might not be the most excited series of posts for you as the readers, but it’s one I want to remember. This Christmas the kids all undertook some pretty hefty projects for each other’s Christmas gifts. Most years I have encouraged them to make small and then buy something else if they want, simply because I would have to do most of the making work. But, this year they were able to do much more of it. So, the next few posts will chronicle their projects.

We’ll start with Steven. His gift idea started as Bible covers. But, their Bibles have their names on the front and pretty covers, and we really didn’t want to cover that all up. So, we decided to go for more of a bag. I was making it up as we were going along, so they aren’t exactly what I envisioned, but they work.

Naturally, I had to help Steven the most. He got tired pretty easily, but I think he had fun! I got everything cut out for him, and then he sat down at the machine with me. He would sit in my lap, lower the needle, operate the reverse button, and help guide the material.


He would also help cut the loose threads, and pull pins out as needed.


But his favorite part came when we got the new machine. Somehow I never got a picture of him on the Bernina, but you can imagine the fun he had! It makes all sorts of fancy stitches, so he picked different stitches for each of the girls, and we stitched them on the green trim around each bag. Olivia got flowers and Angela’s are bows.

Here he is proudly showing off his finished project!



Stephanie Kay said…
Cute bags! I love that Steven helped you with the sewing machine. Truth be told I don't encourage my kids to do crafty projects because it's more work for me. Maybe when they are older and I'm not doing 90% of the work we'll do more crafts.
Stephanie, it's MUCH easier when they're older! Olivia did the majority of her own, needing mainly instruction from me. And Angela did a lot of her own. Steven was the hardest because I really did it all. It will definitely be more fun for you when yours are older!
Choate Family said…
You are doing such a great job of training your kids :-)

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