Happy Veterans Day!

I know quite a few veterans, but there are two who hold a most special place in my heart.

First, my paternal grandfather, Russell Browning. Mom posted this picture on Facebook in his honor today.


And he’s still the handsome man even today, many decades later!


The other of the two is my father-in-law, Larry Hibbard, who served a short time in the Army and then joined the Air Force several years later. The more I learn about my own husband, the more I see the imprint of his father on his life – and the more thankful I become for him and his parenting and influence.


Thanks to Grandpa, Dad H. for serving. Thank you to Grandma for waiting for Grandpa, and to Mom H, my amazing husband, and Stephannie for living the military life. Thank you also to my uncles and many, many friends and their families who have served.

Happy Veterans Day!


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