Just Gabbing…

It seems that our life has two extremes when it comes to blogging: I either have so much to blog about that I can’t even find time to blog it all, or I can’t seem to figure out what to blog about!
Lately I’ve felt as thought I’ve been in the “what do I blog about?” phase. It’s not that there hasn’t been anything going on. We’ve been pretty busy! But, it’s hard to figure out how to blog about some of it.

So, I’m going to try to figure out how to be more creative with blogging on here. We’ll see how this goes!

I’ll start with something rather random today…

In our not-to-recent past, farm equipment on main thoroughfares seemed to us to be an inconvenience and frustration. But, not any more. Now that we live among friends who depend on this equipment for their livelihood, being stuck behind equipment is almost a delight to us. Crazy, I know, but we really do like it.

We were on the back road to Little Rock Sunday before last, on our way to set up for Monday’s annual Minister’s Wives Luncheon when we came across this…
We just smiled, watched for a little while, and then slipped on around the combine on the left.
I never dreamed we’d love living in farm country so much. But, we really, really do.


Choate Family said…
Gab away, friend, I love the peek into your world so far away from mine!

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