We are Thankful!

For the country life we learn to love more every day.

For the wonderful church family we have in Almyra Baptist Church.

For the chance to gather with family multiple times this week.

For our wonderful home.

For a full freezer and pantry.

For friends, near and far.

For technology that keeps us close to those friends who are far.

For spiritual hunger and growth among our children.

For the blessing that homeschooling has been to our family.

For the fact that even if all of the above things and the hundreds of other things I haven’t mentioned were to all disappear, we would still have an infinite wealth of blessing to be thankful for. We have been bought by the blood of the Lamb. The incredible power of God which raised Christ from the dead dwells within us. We are His eternally, and we will dwell with Him through eternity. I cannot wrap my mind around the truth that that gift alone is beyond comprehension, yet He gives us all the rest as well!

I am thankful for a day set aside to truly focus on an attitude of thanksgiving. But, I’m also thankful that a heart of thanks can be ours year-round.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


                     The Hibbards


Choate Family said…
We are so thankful for your sweet family!

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