The Fun We Have

It’s hard to believe it’s been two weeks since we returned from the annual meeting of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention. I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have been able to attend these past four years. One year was without the kids, and I admit that was nice. But, I was thinking today about the things we’ve gotten to do with the kids the other three years, and that’s been fun, too.

This year we originally intended to leave the munchkins with my parents while we attended the convention. But then Mom and Dad were asked to help man the missions booth at the convention! A few changed plans didn’t bother us, though.


Sunday afternoon the girls and I went to help set up for Monday morning’s Minister’s Wives Luncheon while the boys checked into our hotel and ran a couple of errands.

Then we were off to meet Stephannie and cousin Morgan for dinner.


Monday morning we took Steven to child care while Mom took the girls off for their adventure of the day with Ashley and Abigail. (I’ll post about that tomorrow!) We hung around the convention a little more Monday afternoon, ran an errand or two, met my parents, Ben, Ashley, and Abigail for supper, and then settled in for the night.

Tuesday morning Doug headed in early with Mom and Dad while the kids and I had a slightly more relaxed morning. Then Steven and I dropped the girls off at Ashley’s for another fun girls’ day of entertaining their sweet cousin Abigail. Steven decided he’d rather go to convention child care and play with the boys!

We picked the girls up for a quick lunch, and then headed back to the convention for the afternoon. The sweet child care ladies invited the girls to stay for the afternoon, so we dropped all three kids off while Doug and I went to the afternoon sessions and visited with a few people.

Then we had a break for the afternoon. So…we headed off to give Olivia her “big” Christmas present a little early. Pierced ears! She got her gift early because we were in a good place to do it and because we wanted her ears to be totally healed before Christmas. She thinks it’s just so she can wear some Christmas earrings. But, we happen to know that she’s getting a few new pairs of earrings for Christmas! We got pretty big hugs that afternoon from our excited munchkin!


We then met another friend of ours for a quick dinner Tuesday night before we had to rush off back to the evening session.

Each year the kids always come to the Tuesday night session with us, whether there is child care provided or not. Typically the Master’Singers and one of the two state Baptist university choirs sing during the Tuesday night session. The business for the evening is usually of the more interesting sort, and Emil Turner, our state executive director, preaches that message. So, it’s a good session, and it’s one we like the kids to attend.

The Tuesday night session doesn’t end until 8:30, but if we’re going to be up late, why not just go ahead and make a party of it? Last year we started what looks like will become our Tuesday night convention tradition: late night dessert at Crackerbarrel!

Yay for Coke cake and a huge dish of apple cobbler!


Obviously, both were very much enjoyed!


Wednesday morning the kids and I stayed at the hotel so they could sleep in while Doug went and finished up his last bit of convention business.

Another good year to be an Arkansas Baptist! I’m so thankful to be a part of the ministry that goes on in our state, and I’m thankful for the amazing team at the state office that works so hard to serve Arkansas churches and give us a joint platform for ministry.


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