Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, November 14, 2011

Outside my window...sunshine and muggy warmth with dots of clouds in the sky. Perfect conditions for the forecasted stormy night.

I am thinking...mid-November? Really?

I am thankful for...clean water, the Spirit’s strength to be disciplined, answered prayer, and the hope of answered prayer even while we’re still waiting.

I am wearing...lightweight black knit pants, maroon short sleeve top, bare feet, hair down

I am creating...plan B for a Christmas project that wasn’t working using plan A. I think plan B is going to look much better anyway!

I am make granola bars today. My son is sorely upset with me for forgetting over the weekend.

I am attack the mighty pile of laundry and get it conquered before the next pile hits the baskets.

I am reading...Remembering You by Tricia Goyer.

I am praying…for marriages. So many under attack. It seems to never end, and I’m so ready to see Christ’s victory shine through!

I am hearing...Christmas music. Yes, I’ll admit it. I just can’t help it. As soon as it starts to get chilly, I want to listen to it! It’s not that I look past Thanksgiving – I love Thanksgiving. But, I just love Christmas music, and one month out of the year just isn’t enough time to thoroughly enjoy it!

On my mind...writing that I need and want to do.

From the learning rooms...I honestly don’t know beyond the fact that we’re still in World War II and will be enjoying our Thanksgiving books and devotional activities this week. School planning this afternoon.

Noticing that...the more I drink water, the more I want it. But, if I get out of the habit, I get to where I don’t want it at all.

Pondering these words... We’ve all learned to multi-task so well that sometimes it’s hard to be single-minded for any amount of time. ~Lisa E. Nelson, from a discussion on meditation in A Woman’s Guide to Fasting

From the kitchen...leftovers today, but better meals to come this week like peachy chicken, lasagna, and chicken bacon quiche.

Around the crates in nearly every room, indicating independent work being done and the week’s prep coming soon.

One of my favorite things...Christmas music (hmmm…might I have already mentioned that?)

A few plans for the rest of the, possibly a homeschool gathering, more Christmas creating.

A picture worth sharing...Lego fun. I am convinced that no greater toy has ever been invented.Misc6


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