Silly Steven

All of my kids have their silly moments, but Steven seems to have had more than his fair share recently.

  • My friend Karlyn teaches the preschoolers on Wednesday nights, and she’s been working on music training with them recently, including some basics of reading music. Last week she suggested they all take a bit of a rest, and Steven said, “I think we need a quarter rest!”
  • Steven has developed a love for tic-tac-toe recently. One day Doug walked into the bathroom and noticed some crayon markings on the wall. Now, for the record, writing on the wall is something that I have had very few issues with – we have had some, but very few. But, this one just took the cake.On the wall we had a nice, big tic-tac-toe grid. Can you see the “x” and “o”? (And yes, he did a fantastic job of cleaning that wall!)Misc3
  • When life just seems overly pitiful for one of our children or cats, we comment that “life is hard for ___________.” Recently at the dinner table, we were discussing who had a hard life (all three kids and all three cats had had their moments that day!). Suddenly, with a very straight face and mournful tone in his voice, Steven piped up and said, “Life is hard for the cuckoo bird. He just has to sit there (in the clock) and wait to cuckoo.”
  • After church one recent Sunday, Steven went to change clothes for the afternoon. Halfway through the process, he ran into our room, cackling all the way. He just had to show us his most recent fashion statement – Sunday shirt, tie, and…camo pants! Misc5
  • And finally, the wind-up. Our convention hotel had those vinyl hot-dog pillows that are just so much fun. Steven was having a great time standing the pillow up on one end and boxing it down. But, the funniest antic was when he was faking out his “opponent” by winding up his right arm before coming in with a surprise left jab.

Yes, I would have to say he is almost 100% silly.


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