Girl Time

Monday of the convention, Mom left Dad with the IMB booth while she and my sister-in-law Ashley took the girls to the zoo.

Naturally, since I wasn’t there, I can’t really share much commentary, but Mom did let me swipe her pictures. Here are a few of them!

Olivia definitely would be the one in overalls and Angie in a dress.


The three girlies.


Farmer Angie and her two flowers.


Nanny and her girls. (I love Abigail’s grin peeking out from the back!)


Ashley and the girls watching the animals.


This – as well as the dinner visits we were able to have with family on both sides and the fact that next weekend we’ll have Thanksgiving gatherings with both extended families – makes  me thankful for the fact that we now live relatively close to most of our extended family. But, seeing how comfortable all three girls and Steven are with my parents makes me thankful for another thing: how wonderfully possible it is to maintain relationships even across many miles.


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