Another Van Update

Well, the dealership finally looked at the van late this afternoon and quoted us three days and $1500. We've had several offers of rides and vehicles. God brought a couple from church into the dealership with the church van right as Doug was talking to them about our van, and between them an arrangement was worked out for a borrowed vehicle for the next two days. Thank you so much!

I would be lying if I said I'm not sitting here a bit frustrated and wondering how God's going to work this all out, but He's reminding me that He's in control and nothing surprises Him! We are seeking as a family to reduce debt and not add to it. I know that as we are committed to Him in that area, He is going to show us ways to honor that commitment even when huge emergencies pop up with no other apparent option. I can't wait to share the praise of God's provision! I just love seeing God work, don't you?


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