Van Update

Doug took the van to Advance Auto Parts, and all sorts of codes showed up. The way they all showed up, it appeared that the codes revealed were NOT the real problem, so Doug decided to take it to one of the mechanics mentioned by some folks at church. It took him ten minutes to get the van started in the AAP parking lot, and then it died again as he rolled it into the parking lot of the mechanic. Doug then called the pastor who lives across the street from us (pastor of 2nd Baptist here in town) and asked him for a ride to the church.

As for the van itself, the mechanic just called and said he can't fix it. He can't even find the problem. He gave the name of another mechanic, but he also said that it might just have to be taken to the Dodge dealership. We are praying for wisdom and provision right now. At this point, Doug has to work out the details of getting back to the mechanic, and then he has to try to get the van to the next stop, which will be wherever he feels the Lord leading him to go. Then he needs to be able to get to and from the church. It's not a bad walk, but in this nasty heat even the short walk is not all that safe.

God is so good! I'm so thankful He has every step of this worked out already! Please continue to pray with us and we'll share the praises as they come!


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