Camping In

Most of us remember how much fun it was to try to create tents in the bedroom, living room, wherever with blankets and sheets. The girls had been trying to do it in their bedroom with their small blankets, and I had just told them that I would get out some extra sheets and blankets to make a BIG one in their room. Then they received a very fun gift! A sweet friend from church has been cleaning out some of the things her son no longer needs, and we've been the recipients of several things - books, including a couple of sets that will be great for KG, and a kid-sized pop-up tent!
We set it up Thursday afternoon, and they decided to sleep in it. They've had such a great time! Thanks, Lindy!


Anonymous said…
Now I know "the rest of the story!" Isn't it amazing how God answers prayers? He knew how much these two sweety pies would love this and you know He had to have a great big smile when he saw them enjoying it! I'm so glad that I was able to be His helping hand.

Sweet Dreams Olivia and Angela!


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