Recent Tidbits

There are always cute little things the kids do that I think, "Oh, that was so funny! I need to put that on the blog!" But, I won't be able to do it right then, and then when I get the chance to blog I forget what in the world it was that was so cute in the first place! Here are just a couple of those things...

Steven is really grasping the concept of complete sentences. He seems to have come up with a great way to "practice" sentences. He loves his nickname (Pooka), and even though he knows and responds to his real name, he calls himself Pooka. So, we'll say, "Are you Steven?" And he'll respond, "I'm not Steven! I'm Pooka!" "Are you Mommy's boy?" "I'm not Mommy's boy! I'm Pooka!" "Are you Daddy's boy?" "I'm not Daddy's boy! I'm Pooka!" And on, and on, and on. And, of course, he's grinning from ear to ear the whole time, knowing for sure that he really is all of these things...and Pooka!

We were wondering why he really had started outgrowing his clothes...he has grown 5/8 of an inch in a month! Growth spurt!! Meanwhile, he has finally decided that dinner is good! For those of you who have seen him at dinnnertime or heard us talking about, you know that he got himself in the habit of rejecting his dinner no matter what it was. It has been a battle to get him to actually even taste his food (as soon as we felt the Lord saying he was old enough for it, we began insisting on that one bite before being excused!). But, now that he's started tasting it, he's actually decided it's good stuff and he's been eating full meals - the fact that he's shot up so much in height might be helping the hunger factor!

Angela and Olivia have an accent that I really want to get on video. I'm working on that, but I never seem to have the camera when they start it up. I think they learned it from their friend Rachel from Olive Branch, who they think VERY highly of! Olivia is cute with it, but as prissy as Angie is, it just fits her so perfectly! I just laugh and laugh!


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