A Visit to Judsonia

It dawned on me that we've had two visits with Doug's parents since the move, and I didn't get pictures of either one! I'm going to have to remedy that - just because we're closer doesn't mean the pictures need to stop! :-)

Anyway...yesterday we had the chance to go to Judsonia to visit my grandparents. They are in their late 80's, so we try to make regular visits. It had been several months since our last visit, though, so we were well overdue. We had a great time...here are the pictures...

Getting ready
Everyone enjoying a relaxed moment.
Grandma Polly and her great-grandkids. (And, yes, she thinks they're pretty great, and that's no small compliment coming from Grandma Polly!)
Grandpa Russell taking it all in.

The girls have a favorite play place - it's a long closet up above the cellar. They disappear in there and will spend hours playing there if they have the chance!

Hugs from Aunt Alli.
Aunt Alli is now furniture?!?!


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