A Tuesday

This morning we woke up wondering how in the world it could be only Tuesday! We crammed so much into yesterday, that it felt like it should have taken the whole week, and today felt like it should be Friday. It was very tempting to find a way to keep Doug at home today so we could have a family day, but we knew better than that. But, my wonderful creative husband came up with an idea to give us a bit of variety in our week. We packed up all the school books we'd need for the day, loaded up in the van with Doug when he left around 8:00, and spent our morning at the church!

We started on the playground in the cool of the morning where the kids found a fruit I need to investigate. It's about the size of a large cherry, but looks just like a plum. Anyway, I am curious to find out what it is! (If anyone has any ideas, let me know!)

Then we found a couple of rooms to use for the morning and had school there. It was a nice change, and the kids seemed to really enjoy it as well. And now we seem to be a bit rejuvenated and ready to face the rest of the week.


Anonymous said…
I believe this is a muscadine. It makes great jelly!

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