Steven Curtis Chapman

Many of you joined in the mourning and praying when Steven Curtis Chapman's youngest daughter Maria was killed in a tragic accident in May. In mid-July SCC and his sons resumed touring, but the family also agreed to specially chosen interviews to share with the world the way the Lord has brought them as a family through this tragedy. Two are on tv - tomorrow morning (Wed, Aug 6) on Good Morning America there is scheduled to be the airing of an interview with the Chapman family, and Thursday night, Aug 7, the family will be on Larry King, Live. The third is an article in People magazine, scheduled to be out next week. The prayer is that God will be incredibly glorified and His message will reach people who are hurting and in need of a comfort that can only come from Him. Pray for the Chapmans, too - I can't even begin to imagine how hard it is for them to talk about this! For more information, go to SCC's manager's blog - this is a great information source for keeping up with the Chapman family and their ministries.


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