A Cool Saturday

It's another beautiful day in Monticello! A little humid, but the windows are open nonetheless, allowing the amazingly cool fresh air to flow through the house. Could this really be mid August in Arkansas? Our outdoor thermometer is indicating that it's 73 degrees out there! I love it! Thank you, Lord!

The kids decided to throw a party this morning. The girls were dressed up in their finest, and all three kids sat down at the keyboard to give a concert and entertain us all. Here are father and son enjoying the concert (once Steven decided to abandon the effort in favor of a "sip" of coffee and some Daddy snuggles).
Okay, here's the truth behind those "sips" of coffee - he barely licks the cup! He thinks putting his mouth to the cup means sharing Daddy's coffee, and it's such a treat to him! (Who knows, Nanny - you might actually have an offspring from your daughter who will drink coffee with you! :-) I'll stick to hot chocolate...)


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