School Started!

Well, we have the school room set up! Here are some shots of the process and completion.
I asked the girls to help me by carrying books from the living room to the school room. It was a rather slow process - the pictures will explain why! :-)

Shots of the whole school room. I think it's going to work so well! A project for somewhere down the road will be to repaint the concrete floor and maybe add a soft rug.

The book corner...this was created because we needed the back of one set of bookshelves for hanging the chalkboard. The added blessing was that it created a secluded corner for reading, playing, and independent work. Eventually we'd like to get them a small bean bag chair or two to plop down in there.

And here is our awesome closet! This first shot is looking from one door down to the end where Doug's tools are organized and all of the holiday stuff is stored.
This shot shows about a third of the closet, maybe a little less. Half of the closet is lined with these shelves, and I was able to totally organize everything! (The drawer set you see here is NOT the same one as in the first picture - that one is about two feet further down the shelf. That should give you a little idea of the length of this closet!)
This week we are getting back in the swing of things - finishing up the science that we didn't get done because I packed the book, finishing up a few other tidbits, and getting Angie used to the idea that she actually does have to do work of her own rather than just sit in on a few things and then play while Olivia works! Starting today I'll be back to putting what we're learning in one of the sidebar spots, so if you're interested, check it out! We're so excited to be back in school!


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