Still Here!

Yes, we're still here! Just a busy weekend. We said goodbye to a precious lady in the church who is whole and in the arms of Jesus. We saw our church work together with an attitude of "let's help each other so we as a whole can truly minister" instead of each one trying to minister to the family on their own. What an awesome thing to be a part of! Then Doug and some other men of the church headed to a Traveler's game in North Little Rock while the ladies and kids stayed behind for a fellowship and Mary Kay party. I think all of the above had fun, although some of the ladies (myself included) have agreed that next time we're taking everyone to the ball game! :-)

I'm sure many of you in southern towns are seeing or will soon be seeing an influx of refugees from the Gustav evacuation. Our four hotels/motels are already booked and have been for a couple of days, so I know many people are having to head further north. Pray that our churches will be able to minister to these families and point them to true hope if they don't already have it!

Steven is still wearing his bear tie every Sunday! He's so proud of it! He has about half a dozen other ties, but he won't have anything to do with them. One Sunday I'm just going to have to put another one on him - try to slip it on without him realizing it. Yeah right! :-)

Livie and Angie are singing tonight in church for our fifth Sunday sing. They're so excited! I will take the camera, but I don't know if the video will upload or not. We'll see!


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