Growing Up

You know, sometimes I do sniffle when I think about how quickly the kids are growing up. Time moves so quickly, and I only have them for just a moment in time. But, I can't say I'm sad about it most of the time. To me, it's really a precious thing, actually. I will admit that as they grow they become more useful here at home. Slave labor can be a great thing! :-)
But, really and truly it's not even about having someone else to clean the bathrooms or bedrooms or do the dusting. It's really about discovering our identity as a family. We are learning how we all fit together. It's not just a daddy who goes to work to bring in money, a mommy who does all of the at-home stuff, and kids who frolic and play. It's about discovering how we work together as a family to make life flow. It's about how we grow spiritually together and learn from each other. The older the kids grow, the more we see that unity develop. I'm so excited about the thought of how this will flesh out in ministry and how it will flesh out when my children are adults and beginning their own families. It's neat to see the progress of growing up. And the slave labor will always be a GREAT side benefit! :-)


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