Exciting Day

Just in case you're having trouble counting, yes there are SEVEN!!

As we were having school yesterday, I had the sense that it was going to be the "big day" - the day we would welcome our new kittens. Smokey had been dead set on being near us all morning (especially me), but she also seemed dead set on being in some kind of tucked away cozy place. She was anxious and restless all morning. After we had finished lunch and our read-aloud time, she seemed very pleased that I was headed to the back of the house (I was going to settle Olivia in for rest time and help Angie get a game for Mommy and Angie time). Smokey darted for our closet where we had a towel laid out for her, and she began calling to make sure I was coming with her! Angie and I set up our game on the floor right outside the closet so I could stay near her, and that seemed to calm her down. About fifteen minutes after I sent Angie off for naptime, the first one arrived. Once Smokey had cleaned him up a bit, I called the girls to come look. We watched her tend him and saw number two arrive. I stayed through number three while Olivia and I had our time together, and then we all tried to get back to our normal afternoon, checking on her occasionally. When we left for church there were four, and I had felt one more in there. We were quite surprised to come home and find not one but THREE more for a grand total of SEVEN! No wonder she was so huge! :-)

If any of you want a kitten or know anyone who does, please let us know. Above all, though, God has really been reminding us that we are to glorify Him in EVERYTHING we do (see 1 Cor 10:31), and I can't help but think that everything includes giving away kittens. (The word "everything" does tend to be all-inclusive!) So, please pray with us that He will arrange their new homes over the next couple of months and that we will be able to glorify Him even in the process of sending the kittens to those new homes.


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