All About Angie

Happy Birthday, Angie! Our little cutie turned five today. Her actual party won't be until Saturday when Grandma and PopPop can join us, but there were a few things I had in mind to make today special - muffins with a candle for breakfast, a morning in the park, maybe a picnic. Unfortunately, Gustav changed that with his massive amount of rain and the resulting power outage. So, instead we enjoyed a field trip and a splurge, treating ourselves to Chick-fil-A for lunch. Yum! Field trip pictures will come later - this one's all about Angela!
She loved her photo shoot - she is our little ham. An introvert, for sure, but people have been drawn to her since she was a newborn! She seems to have that personality that just attracts people to her.
Of course, you can't tell she's a miss priss, can you? This dress was given to her by her grandparents the day of her pictures, and she was perfectly delighted to be the little princess that she is, twirling and posing all morning!
Angie has also changed incredibly lately. This picture shows it the most. She has left behind a touch more of that little girl look and attitude, reaching toward being more of a big girl. It's a little sad to see the little girl disappearing, but oh how beautiful the big girl is becoming!

She's silly...
and more than a little sassy! Five years and eight months ago, we weren't too sure we were ready for the news that baby #2 was arriving, but God has shown us that HE knew it was time! She's taught us so much and we've been so blessed! Thank you, Lord, for five years with Angela!


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